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Kansas City, Missouri 64112
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Fax : 816-531-8045
5141 Main Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
Phone: 816-753-7422
Fax : 816-753-5505
Visitation - a Catholic Community

Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty & Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

Vince Cascone, Ed. D., Principal
Ext. 3140
Linda Hughes, Assistant Principal
Ext. 3141
Bridget Winget, Administrative Assistant
Ext. 3136


Karen Blickhan, Kindergarten
Ext. 363
Maureen Noonan, Kindergarten
Ext. 362
Mrs. Alyssa O'Gara, Kindergarten
Jeanne Crawford, Administrative Assistant
Ext. 334
Nancy Hesse, First Grade
Ext. 4001
Marylena Lehocky, First Grade
Ext. 4018
Katie Owens, First Grade
Ext. 4002
Emily Carnie, Second Grade
Ext. 4033
Allyson Figura, Second Grade
Ext. 4037
Jessica Osterhaus, Second Grade
Ext. 4030
Suzi Geha, Third Grade
Ext. 4026
Eileen O'Connor, Third Grade
Ext. 4027
Lainee Tarbe, Third Grade
Ext. 4028
Allison Murray, Fourth Grade
Ext. 4126
Helen Schultz, Fourth Grade
Ext. 4035
Sara Westerman, Fourth Grade
Ext. 4127
Karen Crabtree, Fifth Grade
Ext. 4218
Jeff Seese, Fifth Grade
Ext. 4220
Angie Seroka (Kirsten Dirks, long-term sub), Fifth Grade
Ext. 4130
Gwen Ficklin, Sixth Grade
Ext. 4220
Maureen Nash, Sixth Grade
Ext. 4224
Jessica Puricelli, Sixth Grade
Ext. 4222
David Buatte, Seventh Grade
Ext. 4210
Kaitlyn Chichuk, Seventh Grade
Ext. 4211
Tricia Maxfield, Seventh Grade
Ext. 4216
Diane VanBallas, Seventh Grade
Ext. 4211
Joan Barnosky, Eighth Grade
Ext. 4213
Norma Mejia, Eighth Grade
Ext. 4214
Anne Ryan, Eighth Grade
Ext. 4212
Parul Bhatia, Technology Teacher
Ext. 4128
Patrick Casey, Art Teacher
Ext. 4113
Mary Gigliotti, ELS
Ext. 3119
Dave Rush, P.E. Teacher
Ext. 3162
Heather Shinn, Librarian
Ext. 3124
Jessica Stroub, Music Teacher
Ext. 4109
Shari Brundige, Accelerated Program Coordinator
Ext. 4018
Ashley West, Accelerated Program Coordinator
Ext. 4018
Tina Amaro, Counselor
Ext. 3133

Support Staff

Stacey Archer, Special Education Coordinator
Ext. 3230
AnnBeth Mulloy, Nurse
Ext. 3137
Sr. Sue Andrews, Counselor
Ext. 3206
Christy Powers, Office Assistant
Ext. 3135
Liz Funk, Interventionist
Ext. 3050
Deacon Don Madden, School Ministry
Mrs. Daria Bailey, Inclusive Education Paraprofessional
Mrs. Mary Brophy, Inclusive Education Paraprofessional
Laura Connealy, Inclusive Education Paraprofessional
Sarah Davis, Paraprofessional
Angela Deatherage, Inclusive Education Paraprofessional
Rene Harden, Paraprofessional


Visitation School is blessed to have a wonderful faculty and staff working with our children. To contact a member of our school team, use the e-mail addresses and phone extensions provided at left.