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Ride for Madre 2017

Ride for Madre 2017

The week of September 11th, Bob Steinert and Sam Otto will be leading riders across Missouri on the Rock Island and Katy Trails, 250 miles from Pleasant Hill to St. Charles.  This challenging 5 day journey is nothing compared to the challenges faced every day in our sister parish in El Salvador. 

Your Donations Will Make A Difference

Support our ride via our Go Fund Me page or send your designated donation to the parish office.

Interested In Riding For Madre?

Ride the whole 250 miles, or just a day or 2 along the way. If you would like to participate, contact Bob Steinert, Sam Otto or Jude Huntz in the parish office at 753-5155 x308. Be aware, this is not a paved surface ride. The Rock Island and Katy Trails are a fairly flat, gravel surface much like the Brookside Trolley Trail.

RFM Fun Wine Ride - September 12

Interested in riding a little and rewarding yourself with some great wine? Consider participating in and helping organize the 1st Annual RFM Fun Wine Ride, 13.5 miles from Booneville to Rocheport. Interested? Contact Bob Steinert, Sam Otto or Jude Huntz in the parish office.  

Why We Ride For Madre

 The Santa Maria Madre parish and school continue to face unbelievable and unmanageable challenges:

·       Gangs continue to ravage the community

·       Poverty provides no opportunity to families

·       Outdated and Broken equipment in the clinic

·       School Budget can’t even pay teachers the minimum